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19 - Dutch - Noise


The Eucharist (detail), Viktor Vasnetsov


The Eucharist (detail), Viktor Vasnetsov

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Sweden is cool. #bbq #sweden

Sweden is cool. #bbq #sweden

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#sweden  #bbq 

On my way to Sweden, can’t be fucked to take two planes.

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disgustingmusic asked: We played one show with Torso (but I was in erasmus and a friend played instead of me hahah). We won't come to Holland in this tour but I'm pretty sure at some point we will.. I think. You coming to Fluff Fest?


The lineup is insane as always but I can’t afford it, I hope I will get to see Heaven In Her Arms before I die. :(

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I’ll Clap When I’m Impressed by DANGERS

If it ain’t broke, then break it.
Destroy it.
Smash a hammer through your stucco,
Sledgehammer it.
A la Sacco,
A la Vanzetti,
A la me gone berserk
With my head in the clouds
Nursing acid rain bowels,
Me stuck in traffic after work.
Where each car seems just like a coffin,
Just like a hearse.
We just can’t go on like this:
Clinging to paychecks just like they were your mother’s tits.
(Buck by buck)
Straighten your A’s.
(Cent by cent)
Straighten your laces.
(Bill by bill)
Straighten your shirt.
We’re better.
We’re better off.
We’re better off dead
Than burning out.
Buck by buck.
Cent by cent.
Bill by bill.
Until your dead.
Pay for your water,
Pay for your gas,
You pay for everything,
Even your death.
Choking on the barrel of a gun
(Choking on the barrel of a gun)
Sounds like much more fun.
Lock, stock and choking on the barrel of a gun.
Take the motherfucking money,
I’ll spill the blood.

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#cannot not headbang at the barrel of a gun part 
postaxid asked: actually i havent eaten bacon or any meat for 3 fucking years. i do not have the income to become vegan. i dont have any income actually. so no, i cant become a vegan. and that doesnt make me a shit person. i'm doing the best i can. i'm just tired of you constantly reminding me its not enough.



Veganism is not expensive, I had $50 to spare for food the next 2 weeks to feed 3 people and we did it easily so don’t come at me with that “too poor” bullshit

But if you really wanted to go down the too poor path I guess I would  ask how it is that you can afford to recreationally use Robitussin and smoke weed and cigarettes, but not go vegan?

Maybe instead of  turning apples into pipes you could perhaps eat them?

If you truly knew you couldn’t go vegan then you wouldn’t pay 1 second of fucking attention to posts saying “go vegan” because any logical person would be like “oh I guess this is in reference to people who have the means to do so” and then fucking skip merrily on with your day instead of being  gigantic fucking infant trying to derail every single vegan post with ” wahhhhhhhhhhhhh NOT EVERYONE CAN GO VEGAN”

If you are doing everything in your power why the hell are you messaging me? What is this low key guilty conscious shit? Do you want me to be the token vegan giving your contribution to animal suffering a seal of approval?

Bullshit that’s all anyone ever want’s and I’m not going to be the one to do it. If it was up to you and people like you the only conversation vegans would be allowed to have is the fact that ” not everyone can go vegan”

Piss off and go to some apologists blog, god knows there’s plenty of them, and seek validation from them because you’re not getting any from me.

and if you are still feeling bad for yourself then hears an idea: FUCKING UNFOLLOW ME.

I’m done dealing with clowns such as yourself.

The “Maybe instead of turning apples into pipes you could prehaps eat them?” part killed me.

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